This page tells you how to get and play Dwindle.


Here’s a list of places you can get or play Dwindle:


Dwindle is currently available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Games played on phones are always accessed using the phone’s unique identifier. However, you can create a Dwindle login, associate your phone with an existing Dwindle login, or extend a Dwindle account provisioned from Kongregate to know about your phone.


You can play dwindle on the web here or on Kongregate.

The main difference is how your account is identified. In both cases, you can use a pre-existing login. Playing here allows you to create a new login. Playing on Kongregate will always be identified with your Kongregate account but you can link that account with a pre-existing Dwindle account.


Dwindle is not currently available as a standalone application on Windows, Mac, or Linux PCs. Let us know if that’s a feature that would interest you. If enough people ask, it will become a priority.