Dwindle collects device-identification for the purpose of silent sign-in. The data stored by Dwindle are as follows:

  • Game statistics, such as how many turns you’ve played or how many games you’ve won
  • Game records, such as the exact turns played in a game, who was which player, and what order a multiplayer invite were stored in

This information may also be used to push game-related notifications to your device.

Dwidnle does not collect any of your personally-identifying information. However, Dwindle integrates with and reports to the following 3rd-party platforms, which have their own privacy policies.

Consequently, use of Dwindle implies acceptance of the use of those platforms and their associated privacy policies.

Finally, Hexagon Software LLC reserves the right to store records of the Dwindle games you play for any use we see fit. We may choose to share anonymized copies of these records with 3rd parties for any purpose we choose.